Meet The Team

Stephen Short, 14 years US Marines
Stephen A. Short – Following nearly 14 years in the US Marines, Stephen Short completed his Master of Science Degree in Marketing, and began his civilian career in business. In 1995, Steve (as CEO) and a partner formed The Triangle Media Group, Inc., focused on using then-emerging Internet technology to create training and marketing videos for corporate clients.  Subsequently, also as a founder and CEO, he started and sold two companies, BuildNet and   After that, he re-launched into a employment coaching company with a special focus on veteran employment.  Steve then became Executive Director of Sales and Sales Training for Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a $250 million-plus manufacturer of wheelchair-accessible minivans and SUVs. Because of Steve’s passion for veterans’ issues, he was tasked with building VMI’s veteran business virtually from scratch, ultimately accounting for more than 25% of VMI’s gross revenues. To accomplish this, Steve became a Certified Mobility Consultant and travelled to more than 100 Veteran Administration facilities to work closely with Prosthetics Chiefs and numerous Veteran Service Officers  to ensure that veterans with disabilities were receiving and utilizing their full VA benefits.   In addition to being  a founder and CEO, Steve has headed Marketing, Sales and training organizations.   Always a C level entrepreneur, Steve is know for his talent and accumen as a business strategist.  Steve has been a lifelong water enthusiast, a former North American Championship powerboat racer, surfer, and Jet Ski racer with major corporate sponsorship. 

JC “Neal” Whitsett, Annapolis Naval Academy 
Neal served in the Navy/Naval Reserve for 25 years managing large and small aviation organizations. In the real world he has extensive experience in concept/product development, operations, NPI, wireless, firmware and software. Neal was featured on the cover of Design magazine for his leadership efforts on the Thales Navigation Z-Max, a GPS system for professional surveyors. Neal holds a BSEE from US Naval Academy and an MSEE from Santa Clara University.    Neal is a member of the 2 million mile club logging airline miles launching products worldwide.

Wes Brown, Cinematographer
Director of Marketing Communications
Wes Brown has been working on films for over 20 years; filmmaking has been around him his whole life.  Wes is the third generation of the legendary film making Brown family.  His grandfather, Bruce Brown, created the classic The Endless Summer and On Any Sunday film franchises, his father Dana Brown is the director of the hits “Step into Liquid”and “Dust to Glory”.  After assisting on many creative and successful endeavors, Wes began directing films himself In 2003 at the age of 23.  As a cinematographer, editor, screen writer, television and advertising producer, he now has 13 major credits to his name including Step Into Liquid, Assistant Writer and Editor.

Dainuri Rott, US Air Force, Vietnam Era
Dainuri is an inventor and developer of electric power-assisted propulsion methods with an emphasis on elegance, simplicity, and state-of-the-art technology and construction.  He brings 30+ years of electro-mechanical, fluids and production engineering experience to his position as a marine Electric Vehicle (EV) designer.  Dainuri holds a BA in Physics and an MSEE from UC Berkeley and is a veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam war era.

Doug Card, Retired Colonel US Air Force 
Doug brings decades of engineering and business experience as CFO. In Silicon Valley he has worked as a systems engineer, project and development manager, business manager of tech startup, and division controller responsible for $33 million R&D budget. Doug holds a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Pepperdine University, and is a retired colonel in the United States Air Force.

Merrill Snell, Canadian team member
Since 2009, Merrill has developed and built a large number of electric powered units. This includes motor design, batteries, mounting systems, fabrication methods and testing apparatuses. He created Dual Jets Marine’s in-house 3D-printing department, currently six printers. Merrill manages all production to ensure that the dual jets work as promised. Merrill has 35 years of experience of hands-on building, mechanical and all-around quality control vision. Merrill is shown in front of his six 3D printers.