Introducing the Calypso Disk

Intuitive – Inclusive – Enabling

It’s time for a new innovative marine propulsion system. We’re excited to now offer our Calypso Disk and Calypso Pod for ecstatic flatwater adventure. We believe in inclusive water activities, and that there are huge health and wellness benefits in spending time on the water with friends, family, solo, or enjoying the outdoor environments and aquatic locations that we love.

Please take a closer look at how Dual Jet Marine and our new systems can deliver meaningful water propulsion to your aquatic lifestyle. And please contact us to see how you can get involved in new markets, product opportunities, and IP business deals. We’re offering our Calypso Disk to limited clients at this time, but are interested in exploring new partners, marine product innovators, IoT experts, and of course eager water enthusiasts.

Dual Jet Marine leverages Silicon Valley technology to deliver state-of-the-art electric marine propulsion for recreational, adaptive, and utility watercraft. We have expertise in wireless human machine interfaces (HMI), IoT connection, and highly efficient battery systems.

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Calypso Pod – Modular Propulsion System

The core of the Dual Jet Marine propulsion system lies within the twin electric motors. We’ve built a robust waterproof housing that contains our reliable rechargeable battery units, as well as the technology components that allow wireless joystick control. Our engineers, with over 60 years of combined Silicon Valley technology experience, have collaborated with expert watermen and electric vehicle advisors, and are proud of this game changing system. After much iteration, the quite, efficient, and powerful system is performing very well. Early in it’s development we lovingly called this propulsion unit the “Doughnut hole” , and we’re very happy with how this modular propulsion system has evolved. We’re excited to be engaged in collaborations with marine companies and mobility organizations to explore exciting business opportunities. Our Calypso Pod can plug into not only our patented Disk system, but also into watercraft from various makers and across the spectrum of industry.

One of our specialties, really one of our obsessions, is the development of human machine interfaces. We’ve seen how important it is for our core users to be able to steer where they want, when they want. They also want to be able to break, turn, and spin on a dime which is why we’ve made this sensitive joystick controller. It’s wireless, and can be used remotely up to 1/4 mile range. The waterproofing is significant on this HMI joystick, and through testing in many bodies of water, in harsh conditions, and with multiple uses we’ve seen positive results in the aquatic environment.

Comfort and Freedom


When we were developing the Calypso Disk, since it’s earliest prototypes, we tested it with some of our core users. Not only do we work with a range of adults, families, and children, but also mobility challenged individuals and adaptive athletes. Our mobility solutions have been proven with recreational therapists, VA aquatics experts, and water rescue professionals. Sitting cross legged is a posture that is comfortable for most people, no matter what their mobility challenge is. In the sitting position, the rider takes control of the low center of gravity and can notice a solid base of stability. Spinning while seated can result in some outrageous torque, and an amazing high speed experience. Not only can you comfortably sit cross legged on the Calypso Disk, you can lay down, kneel, back rest, or even stoke a pose.

Ride How You Want

When riders get on our Calypso Disk it’s always a blast to observe the many creative ways they decide to use it. People who surf, stand up paddle, kayak, canoe, or even water ski may all use and stand on the disk in a different way. There really is no right way, and no mater what standing riders will notice that they’re getting a significant balance challenge, and even core strength training. This fun mode of water mobility can be both an exciting recreational activity as well as functioning as a more exciting way to complete tasks and challenges. As riders gain better skills, they can stay on board and stay dry, even riding fully clothed.

Leaders in Adaptive Water Sports

We’e been dedicated to delivering easy to use, ergonomically comfortable, and intuitive mobility systems to individuals with physical challenges for over ten years. Our roots are in being as attentive as we can be to the needs and desires expressed by the adaptive athletes, veterans, and children, and then providing designing and engineering solutions. Participating in water activities is beneficial for mind, body, and spirit and we have found that our mobility systems offer a new level of confidence and freedom for these unique communities. We have found that the Calypso Disk can make any body of water into an action packed adventure, and we feel great at how much the system enables this community. We encourage inclusive activities with the added excitement of enhancement with our intuitive mobility platform.

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